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With Google My Business, you can create a simple website that looks good in less than ten minutes. It’s completely free It’s easy to create and edit from your computer and phone.  Of course, you can use Google Adwords to promote your company.

Local SEO Here we will learn how to get the most out of this free Google tool. The more visibility we have on the internet, the more potential customers we will have.
Let’s do it!!

What is the LOCAL SEO?

Image Local SEO Google My Business LOCAL SEO is very important nowadays. People now have the Internet in their hands. Every day more people use their cell phone as a source of information.

Google Maps is a widely used application. So much so that today we use it even to go to work. Google My Business helps people find businesses on the road.

If you have seen in Google Maps, companies near you. It’s by LOCAL SEO. The local seo is nothing other than geo-referencing something with GPS coordinates. Many companies today use this technology in their web pages to go to Google Maps. If you think this is not worth it, let me tell you that I’m losing money, it’s that simple. Google brings this technology to small and medium businesses. Free!

What makes Google My Business special?

image local seo 3 my google business Google My Business is not only georeferencing your business or commercial establishment. The interaction of people is also very important. The rating of a site helps to position your company on the Internet. Search engines like Google give higher priority to the search at the time of a user.

If you want to go to the first page of a search engine, Google My Business can help you. The optimization of a web page is not difficult. But it can be expensive. Here we will learn to take advantage of Google My Business and other tools with which you can help in your SEO positioning.

Why SEO is important for you?

The optimization in the search engines is very important for every entrepreneur or entrepreneur. I will explain it to you in a few words. We have a stock of spare parts for trucks and we want more customers to come to our warehouse and buy their spare parts with us. But they do not know we exist, they have not seen our advertising in magazines or in the newspaper, so how could they find our company?

The answer is SEO (search engine optimization). But, what are we going to optimize? our name that nobody knows, the name of our hardware store, that nobody or very few know, or we are going to optimize the services and spare parts that we sell? what will be the best alternative to find new customers and sell more. What will it be?

Possibly you will say all of them, and you are wrong. we must optimize the services and spare parts that we sell, of course, since we have a web page for our company, our domain should be basically the number of our company and already with that if someone looks for us, he will find us, only if he knows our name.

In this example we are going to optimize a spare pump for a FORD truck. which will generate a pretty high traffic of people looking for where to buy a gas pump for a FORD truck. That’s what SEO is all about, and Google My Business can help you generate the kind of web positioning you need to have more customers and sell more. This business practice is called Content Marketing.

Google My Business SEO

In Google My Business, we find the necessary tools to improve our web positioning.   Now, if you want to know a little more about SEO positioning, you can enter   Where you will find articles related to good SEO positioning practices.   For now, let’s continue with the learning we need to get Google My Business.

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